Eco paths

Eco path "Gradishte – protector of the pass"

Eco path "Lilac – the village of Debel Dyal"

Eco path "Roman Road"

Eco path "Roman Road" - 3.8 km.

Eco path "Vitata stena (the winding wall)"

village of Yavorets – village of Vlaychevtsi - 22 km

Eco path "Bozhentsi – the Dryanovo Monastery"

The path starts from the village of Bozhentsi. You walk along an asphalt road Bozhentsi-Gabrovo for about 15 minutes, and then turn right at the Bozhena Spa Complex. The eco path passes east of the village of Trapezkovtsi and goes up the crest just below Mount Cherni Vrah (779.4 m) to the east. You pass along the crest. The village of Tsvyatkovtsi lies in the valley to the west. A mountain path coming from the villages of Kmetovtsi and Sabotkovtsi passes just below the Mount of Mogilata (711.2 m) and goes north to the Hunters’ Fountain. There is an arbour there and a rest area. The path continues along mountain tracks east of the Mount of Trite Chukara (665.1 m) and out to the big Bochukovo clearing. A 10-15-minute climb follows up a hill from which there is a spectacular view of the Balkan. You climb down for about 20 minutes into a deep ravine, and then up again and across the King’s meadow, to reach Gabrovo. You go into the village of Gorni Varpishta along an asphalt road and past a small chapel where you can stop for a rest. A dirt road passing though a plum orchard, takes you to the east part of the village of Dolni Varpishta. This is a karst area with lots of caverns and grottos, from where the village derives its name – Varpishta (on top of the cavern).

Eco paths on the territories of UZANA and natural park "Bulgarka"