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It is one of the most picturesque architectural ensembles of the Revival period, declared an architectural and historical reserve in 1964 with its а hundred or so authentic houses. ‘Bozhentsi’ is located 16 km. northwards of Gabrovo. This little village with its nearly 600-year old history has preserved the authentic atmosphere, spirit and architecture of the Bulgarian Revival.

High stone walls, oak entry doors with forged iron accessories, narrow cobbled streets, stone fountains and bridges and small workshops add to the unique atmosphere. The museum exhibitions recount the story of Bozhentsi families and donators. Each year in June a children’s plein air takes place and in September there is an international plein air painting. Bulgarian folk customs are performed during major religious holidays. The village offers opportunities for recreation in the 27 restored houses which have preserved the enchantment of the past while being adapted to the modern accommodation requirements.